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Yoga Flow Life Teacher Training begins Sept. 07, 2019 - Register Here!

New Classes Beginning Soon!

~Core Axis 6 Week Series - more info to come!

~All Level Yoga classes beginning this September on Saturdays 9:30-10:30am

~Guided Meditation starting September 08th, 2019, Sundays 9:30-10:30am

~Yoga in the Park at Bagley Community Park on Sundays 9:30am - 10:45am, June 09, 2019 thru August 18th, 2019

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Yoga Flow Life Teacher Training

Deepen your Yoga practice or become a Yoga Teacher Courses begin September 7th, 2019!

Body Flow Classes

All Level Yoga Classes Coming Soon!

Classes begin in September on Saturdays 9:30-10:30am

All Level Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing more fluid style of yoga that uses the breath to connect sequenced movements together such as the Sun Salutations & Dancing Warrior to create an entire flowing yoga class.

We will begin class by tuning in with our breath to help connect the mind to the body, then a warm up to open and stretch the body, this will be followed by the salutations, and the heart flow of the practice. We will end with a deep stretching cool down, Savasana - our resting pose, and finally tuning out to seal the practice. 

This class is appropriate for all levels of fitness, free of major, recent injuries or surgeries. Make sure you discuss this with your physician if you have concerns. Modifications and props are provided to assist and deepen the practice as well as progressions as needed.

All level yoga is open to the beginner student all the way to the seasoned practitioner. We will explore all the poses or prep work to advance to certain poses, we will utilize several pranayamas & mudras (breathwork & energetic seals with the hands), we will talk about bandhas and when to use them, as well as move through creative flows.

*Check out the new student FAQ here*

Guided Meditation Classes Coming Soon!

Classes start September 8th, 2019 on Sundays 9:30-10:30am

Guided Meditation Classes

Guided Meditation This style of meditation uses narrative or storytelling imagery through the use of symbols, colors, the 5 senses, landscapes, and more to assist a yoga student in learning to create visualizations within their mind.

With continued practice this will strengthen the mind's endurance to focus and concentrate. It will begin to calm the "monkey mind" and allow the body actually begin to relax and let go. Then with continued practice of focusing and concentrating the mind, a student may then be able to obtain a true sense of meditation.

Throughout the year we will be focus on multiple themes that are related to the human condition. We will use several different drishtis, pranayamas, mudras, mantras, and bandhas. 

*Check out the FAQ for terms*

Private Fitness Services & Prices

Fitness on Your Schedule

Body Flow can come to you for private fitness sessions at your favorite gym or come meet us at one of our locations

By Appointment: 1 Hour Sessions - Up to 3 people, for more than 3 or longer/back-to-back sessions, please Contact Us for pricing *Pricing only for Vancouver, WA. & Clark County, for PDX area pricing please contact us*

~ 4 Pack Private Health/Fitness/Yoga Session $225

~ Private Health/Fitness/Yoga Session $75

~ ~ Free 15 minute Consultation with your purchase of a private lesson ~~


*Body Flow Fitness will begin accepting new clients July 2019

Fitness Format Descriptions


~ Barre is a low-impact, full body workout that includes movements related to or inspired by Yoga, Ballet, Dance Cardio, & Pilates. A Barre class may include the use of light weights, Pilates ball, straps, resistance bands, and a barre. A typical Barre class will have a warm-up, a section of weights/other equipment and/or cardio, a barre section that may continue the use of equipment such as the Pilates ball, a core strengthening section on the mat, and a cool-down. Upcoming Barre classes to include Barre Body Flow, Barre Light Flow, and Barre Body HIIT.



~ Dance classes may include beginner's Ballet, various styles of Belly Dance, Zumba (or other Latin inspired dance), and dance cardio. Dance classes are an hour in length with a warm-up, basic to intermediate dance movements, possible choreographies, and a cool-down.


Functional Small Group Fitness

~ Functional Fitness is all about healthy body movements designed for group classes, small group fitness (2 - 6 people) and for individuals. These sessions may include Corrective Exercise Training, Core Axis Series which is focused on developing and maintaining your optimal healthy core abdominal and back muscles, and/or the use of exercise equipment with movement sequences constructed for healthy and functional body movement.



~ Pilates is an exercise modality that was created by Joseph Pilates who was heavily inspired by gymnastics, literature he studied as a captured prisoner on The Isle of Man, like martial arts and Yoga. Pilates borrows movements and breathwork from Eastern traditions and uses them in controlled repetitions based on centering the core and flows meant to strengthen the entire body with or without the use of props and exercise equipment such as the reformer, Pilates circle, ball, weights, resistance bands, and/or straps. Pilates classes may include mat Pilates, classes specifically designed to strengthen the core (i.e. Rectus abdominis, addressing Diastasis Recti, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, etc.), Pilates HIIT, Pilates Yin Flow, & Pilates Body Suspend.


Suspension Training

~ Suspension Training is an exercise modality that uses an individual's own body weight to perform an exercise routine, sequence, or repetition, while utilizing adjustable straps that have been suspended from a higher point such as an extension of the wall or from the ceiling. Suspension training can have hundreds of different exercises that will deliver a full body workout that strengthens the core and it can assist in improving overall strength, flexibility, and endurance of the mind and body.



~ Yoga is an ancient practice from India designed to "yoke" or harness the "3 bodies": the mind, body, and breath of an individual. Yoga traditionally draws from an 8 Limb system that uses yogasana or physical movements/poses as well as the other 7 limbs to assist in "yoking" or joining the 3 bodies together so that a person has the sense of balance and control over self. Yoga may help an individual not only become body conscious, it may also improve balance, flexibility, strength, endurance and stamina of the mind, body, and breath, as well as a sense of overall well-being.

The journey begins the moment you decide to step onto the mat :). Yoga meets your body and mind where you are at in the present moment. Upcoming yoga classes to include beginner to advanced classes in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini Kriya, Restorative, and also Meditation classes & workshops.

Upcoming Teacher Trainings, Courses, & Workshops

~ Yoga Flow Life Teacher Training ~ September 07th, 2019 - February 09th, 2020

~~ 200 hour Teacher Training in Yoga Flow - includes styles of Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Kundalini, restorative Yoga techniques, and more...

~~ Yoga Flow Life Teacher Training

~~ Early Bird Registration Opening June 15th, 2019! Only $350 deposit to hold your spot!


~ Barre Body Flow Teacher Training ~ TBA

~ Core Axis Series ~ Beginning Soon!

 ~~Series focusing on core health with a concentration on Diastasis recti separation (when the abdominal wall weakens and separates vertically) which can happen through injury to the abdominal wall or especially through pregnancy.


~ Upcoming Workshops ~ TBA

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